Corliss Porter, LMFT
Vice President of Programming for Ventura County CAMFT

A note from Ventura County CAMFT VP of Programming, Corliss Porter : “Your presentation on clinical documentation & Best Practice was popularly received and reviewed by the participants at Ventura County California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist at our February 2018 meeting. Your presentation on clinical documentation was excellent, and it was evident that you’d put in a lot of time and effort to make the topic interesting and even a little fun and humorous. Our members have asked that you be invited back next year for a 3-hour CEU presentation. Your expertise on the topic matched with your engaging presentation style provided us with essential state-of-business knowledge, and we’d recommend your work to other organizations looking to improve their practices. ”  -March 15, 2018

Dr. Thomas Wood, PhD, MEd, NCC

Clinical Director at Nexus Recovery Services

“Beth has a fund of knowledge in the field of behavioral health that is only matched by her perceptiveness, quick mind and a pragmatic ability to make good solid recommendations. Consulting with her for several hours in person, I found her to be collaborative, respectful and I took away many great suggestions for optimizing our agency’s clinical forms within our electronic medical record that we have already implemented to great effect. She has a very accessible teaching method and style and our agency is looking forward to having Beth provide some onsite staff education on documentation excellence. In my role as a clinical director, I consider her to be an invaluable resource!”  -March 13, 2018

Sara Rector, LMFT

Therapist at Circle of Life Center

“I had the opportunity to hear Elizabeth Irias speak on Clinical Documentation.
She was an excellent speaker and so well versed on the subject that I decided to have a personal consultation and found it to be very beneficial. Based on the consultation, I was able to able to advocate for several clients whose insurance company had previously denied continued treatment. Elizabeth gave me a new perspective on what insurance companies are looking for, the laws protecting our clients and the language to communicate those needs.” 
 -November 16, 2017

Dustin Frei

CEO at Sirona Behavioral Health, previously V.P. of Bus. Development at Northbound Treatment Services

“This last year I had the great opportunity to work closely with Elizabeth. She has the very rare ability to explain complex compliance concepts in a very simple inviting way to a clinical team. I was extremely pleased with the work she did for the organization. I highly recommend her.”  -November 8, 2017

Devon Wayt, MBA

Vice President of Operations at Northbound Treatment Services

“Elizabeth is the best clinical documentation consultant we have ever partnered with. Her acumen, and masterful understanding of the utilization review process, is unmatched in the addiction treatment industry. She asks the right questions, answers the right answers, and she has the ability to meet any clinician where they are at in their clinical documentation growth journey. Our belief systems aligned immediately, and we are honored to consider her a part of our team.”  -October 27, 2017

Evan Amarni, MS, LAADC-CA

CEO/Executive Director at Multi Concept Recovery

“Elizabeth’s training on clinical documentation is amazing! It is both engaging and educational. Beth’s personality and candy kept it fun! Highly recommend Beth to anyone seeking to improve their documentation skills. Furthermore, she is professional and delivered what she committed to deliver. Thanks, Beth!”  -September 4, 2017

Debbie Rubright, LMFT
Private Practice Clinician

“I had the pleasure of taking one of Elizabeth’s workshop on Utilization Review along with several other topics, called ‘The Risks We Don’t Talk About: Protecting Yourself and Your Practice”. This is a course that some might consider a dry subject, and even Elizabeth herself will take a “bear with me” type of approach during some of her presentation, but I was pleasantly surprised to find her entire lecture very informative and interesting. She had a way of engaging her audience on the subject, yet keep it at a level that challenges you to learn. She let you know where liability could be an issue for you, but at the same time did not create fear in you so much that you were ready to leave the room. Her guidance has helped me realize where I’m doing things right, and what I could improve on. In my opinion, this course should be introduced as part of the curriculum in any Masters of psychology program, it’s that important, and Elizabeth should be the one teaching it.”  -August 14, 2017

Andre Sheremetiev, MFT Intern
Group Therapist at Engage Psychological Services

  “Regarding her Utilization Review and Quality Assurance consulting work, Elizabeth is warm, extremely thorough, and incredibly well-prepared in her approach. I was particularly impressed by the manner in which she welcomed, and thoroughly answered, questions from all participants of the training session. Her guidance is critical for clinicians who seek to be efficient and effective in carrying out the best course of treatment for their clients. Beyond those qualities as a trainer, she is a wonderful human being. I highly recommend her work.”  -August 13, 2017

Art Hirt
CEO at The Haven at Pismo

  “I hired Beth to assist our administrative team in reviewing and implementing all clinical policies and procedure so to align with all Best in Class and Joint Commission standards. Beth has an unusual ability as a consultant that allows her to quickly and efficiently assess the situation, to identifying the issues, and, more importantly, to advise on practical solutions and options going forward. Her information sources are up to date as she stands on the front lines seeing what is most critical and trending for the  insurance providers and State regulators. My only regret is not having met Beth earlier in the founding of The Haven.”  -June 22, 2017

Ori Kanefsky
COO at Nexus Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

“Beth has consulted with Nexus in a number of different areas, including clinical staffing, business development, Quality Assurance, and Utilization Review. Beth is quick to respond to our needs, and works collaboratively with our team. Her professionalism, knowledge, skill, and background have helped us meet the needs of our behavioral health clients and improved our UR authorization lengths. I would highly recommend her to others in the behavioral health space looking for consulting services.” -March 28, 2017

Robert Scholz, LMFT
Clinical Director at Engage Psychological Services

“Elizabeth possesses an incredible skill set that make her an invaluable asset to behavioral health care companies. She provided Engage exceptional guidance as we strengthened our UR/ QA process and developed training for our staff to support this process. While her professional abilities are an amazing, she’s also just a great person to work with and mentor our staff. Her ability to connect quickly and determine the needs of our program were very helpful and gave us great confidence in her ability to assist us. She possesses a genuine care for wanting to make the field better and to help clients get the services they deserve and need. We have also had the opportunity to collaborate with her in the care of clients in her private practice. Elizabeth’s attention to detail and desire to help teens/ families reach their treatment goals really stands out. I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough as a consultant and therapist – the future of the field is in good hands because of people like her!” -March 10, 2017

Program Director at Genesis Programs, Inc.

“I consulted with Beth re: the daunting task of converting to electronic health records. She was not only knowledgeable but also served to calm much of my anxiety. She answered most of my questions and was also quick to respond, “I don’t know” when she did not have the answer. She was an excellent listener and seemed to genuinely focus on our company’s needs and budget in making suggestions. If you are considering this kind of transition, I highly recommend Beth.” -March 2, 2017

John Stenzel
CEO and Co-Founder at A Healing Place – The Estates Transformative Solutions for Chronic Pain

“We are having the pleasure of working with Elizabeth “Beth” Irias as part of our “Start-Up” Team launching A Healing Place The Estates, a specialty program treating individuals suffering from chronic pain, psychological and addictive disorders in Camarillo, CA. She has assisted with our EHR, insurance VOBs and QA work. She’s an amazing team player and super knowledgeable at what she does.” -February 7, 2017

Dr. Stephen Grinstead, LMFT
Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer of A Healing Place – The Estates in Camarillo, CA

“I am the Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of A Healing Place – The Estates, a Triple Diagnosis Chronic Pain Management Program. Getting started is very challenging and we were told about Ms. Elizabeth Irias and contacted her.

In our pre-start up mode Ms. Irias was a very valuable consultant. Her help with our Electronic Medical Records and setting up admission protocols was invaluable. At some point as we open for business we are very interested in consulting with Ms. Irias again; especially in the area of Utilization Review.” -February 6, 2017

Jonathan Whitfield, MD
Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

“I have worked with Elizabeth in different capacities for several years, and we have recently been collaborating with several clients in our private practices. Elizabeth’s work has always been thorough, comprehensive, empathic and compassionate. No matter what capacity she works with her clients, she always keeps the client’s needs paramount, and has a tireless approach to finding solutions and exploring the best options to ensure a positive outcome for the health and functioning of her patients. I highly recommend her in any capacity.” -January 12, 2017

April Tith, LMFT
Private Practice Clinician

“My experience working with Elizabeth began when I was a new clinician, and when she was a much more seasoned psychotherapist and professional. The impression that I was left with was one that garnered immediate respect and life-long impact. Not only is Elizabeth a talented therapist, but she is highly skilled in the areas of Utilization Review and streamlining agency protocols and processes within mental health settings. Our team benefitted greatly from her feedback, and I was constantly in awe of her ability to enhance efficiency in our demanding work, while maintaining ethical standards and ensuring quality client care. It’s very rare to encounter someone who successfully integrates the high level of compassion needed to be an experienced clinician; with the attention to detail, knowledgeability, and expertise, of the policies and protocols required for an agency to function.

I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth during a pivotal time in my own career, as she inadvertently assisted me in identifying important aspects of my own transformation as a clinician, in ways that I did not yet have the capacity to make sense of at the time. Elizabeth goes above and beyond what is expected of a supportive colleague, and also manages to exceed this in her work with clients. I have had no doubt that she continues to grace others with her comforting presence, highly intuitive nature, and unmatched ability to articulate inner-experiences to external behaviors. Whether working as a prospective client or colleague, I have no hesitation in recommending others to explore any opportunity to collaborate with Ms. Elizabeth Irias.” -July 17, 2016

Michael Yeiter, ICADC & CADAC-II
Drug Counselor

“Elizabeth is both talented and skillful. Her talent for close attention to detail has assisted me in improving my own report and recordkeeping competencies. She also possesses empathy and long time experience as a clinician armed with a business sense that is a valuable asset to any organization. Her knowledge, competency and professionalism make her a pleasure to work with.” -May 11, 2016

Dr. Stephen Trudeau
Psychologist at Passages Addiction Treatment Centers

Elizabeth’s kindness, warmth, and generosity are beyond compare. However, her organizational skills show attention to detail and dedication to getting things right. She is the best of both worlds, an intuitive compassionate clinician combined with business acumen that is rare in our field. Her understanding of the inner workings of our business and her ability to interface with clinicians as well as patients shows her to be the kind of person any organization could count on for the utmost professionalism. A pleasure to work with and a dazzling smile!” -April 26, 2016

Sophie Hussenet
Lead Advisor & French Teacher at Khan Lab School

I had the opportunity to have Elizabeth share insights and knowledge through participating in our company blog at Faircare IO. Her article and this campaign had a very significant impact on our marketing strategy. I was impressed with the clarity of her vision and expertise in her domain. It has been a pleasure to work with Elizabeth.” -January 21, 2017

Susan Levi
Susan Levi, MFT Intern

During the time I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth, I was extremely impressed with her drive and the breadth of her mental health knowledge. Elizabeth was able to tackle any therapeutic or consulting area which she came across. From crisis management on the floor, to development and implementation of new training resources for 100+ clinicians, all of her work was done with care and consideration. Elizabeth is a valuable resource whether you are looking to open a new facility, or improve on an old.” -April 15, 2016

Bob Gabbay
Dr. Bob Gabbay, MD
Medical Director/Attending Psychiatrist at Destinations To Recovery

“Elizabeth is a very detailed oriented, compassionate , and knowledgeable therapist. She possesses superb clinical acumen and provides the highest quality of care to the clients she serves.” -June 23, 2016

Kim 'Gunther' Jensen
Kim “Gunther” Jensen, LMFT
Clinical Supervisor/Clinician

“Elizabeth is an outstanding clinician. Her insight and ability to attune with clients creates a powerful opportunity for change. Elizabeth understands the complexity of the human experience and is able to interact with clients from a multitude of complex clinical presentations. She brings warmth and understanding to her work and demonstrates an ability to connect with clients through her empathy and caring. I recommend her highly.” -July 13, 2016

Frank Sanchez
Dr. Frank Sanchez, LMFT
Program Director

“Elizabeth is an one of the most effective Utilization Review Managers I have ever worked with. While at Phoenix House I supervised Elizabeth in her position as Admissions Director. Elizabeth was able to get authorizations for some of the most difficult cases because she understood the client’s needs and the payor’s requirements. Elizabeth brought good humor to the work place and was always a person you wanted on your team because she got the job done. I give my highest recommendation to Elizabeth in the Admissions and Utilization Review Manager position.” –June 30, 2016

Kelly Ruotolo
Kelly Ruotolo, LMFT
Private Practice Clinician

“Elizabeth is a dynamic detail oriented task master. It was an honor to work alongside her on the Management Team at Phoenix House. Elizabeth was an equally talented problem solver and excellent communicator. Dealing with a difficult population, challenging staff and a very large organization, she was able to gracefully exceed and expand her department making it look easy!” -June 26, 2016