Conference: Admissions & Marketing Symposium
Location: Cumberland Heights Nashville Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center
Address: 8283 River Rd Pike, Nashville, TN 37209
Dates: April 18th and 19th, 2018 (Specific presentation time/date: TBD)
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Presentation Title: The Initial Auth Call: Establishing Medical Necessity Right Out of the Gate”
Have you ever taken a deep breath after yet another particularly rough insurance Initial Authorization request, and wondered, “Are we doing everything we can upon admission to ensure that this client gets the length of stay they need and deserve?”  Too often, medically-necessary and clinically-justified care is denied for substance abuse and behavioral health patients, which managed care providers defend with the phrase, “Patient does not meet Medical Necessity criteria.”  Isn’t it time to arm yourself with information and processes that may help you better advocate for your clients?  Join Elizabeth Irias, LMFT, a guru in the realm of Utilization Review, at this presentation that provides front-line administrators and clinicians with critical information that can be a game-changer during that very first pre-authorization call.  Moreover, Elizabeth enhances her presentation with humor and real-world examples to make the material understandable, interesting, and applicable.

The truth of the matter is that insurance companies speak a very specific language, and it’s crucial that providers learn to speak this language in order to best advocate for their clients.  The Initial Auth Call: Establishing Medical Necessity Right Out of the Gate is a comprehensive presentation that is geared at increasing understanding of the ever-illusive definition of Medical Necessity and improving your admission-related clinical documentation practices.  This presentation also offers clinicians and administrators insight about how integrating Medical Necessity into admissions documentation processes can improve the quality of care delivered to patients with co-occurring disorders.  

This lecture is designed for mental health professionals and administrators who provide care to individuals who have co-occurring disorders, as well as for mental health professionals who engage in Admissions and Utilization Review-type administrative activities. A massive amount of information is transmitted during those first contacts with prospective clients… how is this information captured, and how is it used?  Are critical pieces of information vanishing into a voicemail, an email, or a phone call?  This talk offers clinicians additional education/skills to relate to their admissions documentation practices in a different, more comprehensive, and integrated way, which will ideally help improve their decision-making process as it relates to the methods or theories they use to inform the care they provide. Attend this talk to learn more ways to capture the right information and lay the foundation for a successful and medically-appropriate treatment encounter.